Do you feel like you are stretched thin, stressed out, and feeling like you can’t take anymore being added to your plate?

If so, you're not alone.
The COVID-19 pandemic has hit millions of Americans and upended life around the world. But there is one group that has been hit very hard – moms. Unexpected job losses, decisions to exit the workforce due to the increasing demands at home to be a homeschool teacher, or increased demands at work while maintaining the home have disproportionately impacted moms. The pressure is even more magnified for single moms.  

As single moms we work, take care of the home, take our kids to activities, review and help with homework, and do everything in between. At times we worry about putting food on the table, putting our kids in college, paying the bills, having something left for us.

That's in addition to the everyday stress of life.
This has been true in my life. When my twins were born I was stressed out about breastfeeding. Because of breastfeeding challenges, I felt like I was failing as a mom. 

I read all of this stuff about breastfeeding and the thought of bottle-feeding made me cringe, but when I couldn’t produce enough milk and my twins weren’t properly gaining weight I had to supplement with formula.

I was riddled with guilt and fear and questioned, "Am I good enough? Are my kids going to be ok? Will they be healthy?"

I felt like a failure which triggered anxiety and worry in me which almost made it hard to enjoy my first year of motherhood.

Have you ever felt this way?
The anxiety got worse as my twins got older.

I lived in constant fear and questioned whether I was a good mom.

I feared that as a single mom, I would fail my children. 

I feared being a "stereotypical" single mom and having "stereotypical" children. 

I feared everything. 

At one point, the stress was so bad I didn’t sleep for 3-days at a time, and I isolated myself. My feelings of isolation were so bad that I still felt alone when I was around my family who loved me and my children. 

I felt like I had to constantly prove I could provide for and love my children in a way they wouldn’t notice I was a single mom. I didn’t want my children to feel lack, but in that quest, I put more pressure on myself. This harmed my mental, physical, and financial health and I began to overspend to make myself feel better. 
This anxiety took a toll on my health.

One day after putting my kids in bed, I collapsed. But, at the last minute, I reached out and grabbed the couch which prevented me from crashing to the floor.

That was a wake-up call because my fall came a couple of days after a conversation with my friend when she warned me I was on the path of total burnout and needed to change. She told me she too battled stress and anxiety and one day she collapsed. However, her fall rendered her unconscious and she would have died if her young daughter didn’t find her and call for help. My friend woke up in the hospital, but thankfully she fully recovered.

As I sat there, my head spinning from dizziness and the fear of what just happened, I knew I had to change. However, at that point, I didn’t believe I was worthy enough to change, but I knew I had to change for my children.  

My children depended on me to be healthy because my health is directly linked to their well being. They needed me whole, instead of parenting as a holey, partial me. Therefore, I was determined to get better so I could be there for them.
Can you relate? Are you going through something similar? If so, there is hope.

I learned I needed to seek Jesus.

Too often, we worry, stress, and believe “If it is to be then it’s up to me.” This results in us carrying more than we should. However, Jesus doesn’t want us to do that. He wants us to turn to Him and cast our fears, anxiety, and stress on him. 

However, too many of us are overcome with worry, anxiety, and stress because we don’t trust Jesus enough with our struggles and cares. But, how do we learn to trust him and how do we give these struggles to him? 

I was determined to discover how because I learned how much stress hurts us.

How does stress harm us?

 Stress Kills

Constant stress leads to inflammation and inflammation leads to health complications and even death. I don’t mean to scare you, but carrying this stress can send you to an early grave, and who will care for your children?

Stress and financial anxiety leads to hash parenting and yelling at your children

Overtime, harsh parenting also destroys the relationship between the parent and children. Therefore, not only is your health on the line if you don’t get better, so is your relationship with your children.

Stress, worry, and anxiety can lead to overspending which can cause financial ruin

I worked with a client who overspent during stress, worry, and anxiety and she nearly became homeless as she blew through her money.
Therefore, I found scriptures I could lean on and go to when I found myself stressing out, stress eating, not sleeping, or at times not eating at all.

I found scriptures for when it felt like the tears wouldn’t stop flowing or when I beat myself up emotionally for “failing as a mom".

I found scriptures to help anchor me when I was falling into destructive financial habits of overspending. 

These were the truths that helped me to get through.

As I started to recover and find peace, I realized my journey isn’t unique. Therefore I created this devotional, because too many of us are carrying weight and burdens we weren’t meant to carry. 

We are stretched thin and stressed out because we keep going back to pick up the cares and burdens we leave for Jesus, if we even leave them at all.

Stress, worry, and anxiety is serious and if left unchecked can devastate your life and your children’s lives.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.

This devotional can help put you on the right track of healing and becoming the woman and mom you were created to be. This devotional is composed of the scriptures I used to encourage myself during a time I was stressed out and anxious.

With this devotional you will:

Breathe again

Finally unburden yourself and breathe again, by ceasing to worry about the things that God said He will do.


Get a good night's sleep because you can rest on the Word of God, know God keeps His word, and He loves you.

Have more patience

Have more patience with your children, yell less, which will help your relationship with your children to flourish.

Help your children thrive

Help your children to thrive as you parent and pour into them as a whole mom.
Grab Your Copy of the Devotional
I know these benefits are possible because it worked for me, as a single mom of 2.
Don't do it alone

I tried to do it alone. I figured that because I have 2 Master’s degrees and I attended the best schools that I should be ok, but I wasn’t. Then when I realized that I wasn’t I felt worse. I was used to winning in school, life, and career. Prior to becoming a full time entrepreneur, I had a high power career in corporate finance. I had a thriving business where I taught personal finance, but I got to a point but I felt like I wasn’t winning anymore.

I didn’t feel like I was showing up the way I wanted to as a mom. This wasn’t normal to me and despite all my past success, I couldn’t out work that. I felt like I was suffering in silence, painting on a smile, but secretly spirally into despair and there was nothing I could do about it.

That was until I learned what I’m teaching you in this devotional. That’s when everything changed for me. The thing is these benefits are not unique to me. This is possible for you as well. As I taught other moms and prayed for them using some of these scriptures included.

As Seen In

How my prayers have helped others.

Calming and Focusing

Everything about your prayers is calming and focusing. Thanks again for all you do! Thank you, you are inspirational!

- JB

Helped me stay strong

Your prayers helped me to stay strong, stay encourged, and keep my faith as a loved one battled COVID-19.

- KB

Well Needed

This is so refreshing and well needed. Thank you sis!

- SE

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Just so we get to know each other better.

Aisha Taylor

While many single mothers are overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid, Aisha Taylor has mastered the art of being a mompreneur. 

As a single mother of twins, this author, speaker, and lifestyle coach manages to balance it all and pursue her purpose and passion in the process. Featured in Black Enterprise, Jet Magazine, Essence, and The Detroit Free Press, Aisha’s practical, transparent and motivational style leaves single mothers worldwide empowered to make monumental shifts—thrusting them into a life of fulfillment and joy unspeakable.

As the Founder & CEO of FNPhenomenal, Aisha strategically helps single mothers get unstuck so they can uncover the jewel within, feel like themselves again and thrive in all areas of their life. Combined with her formal training in finance, years of coaching single mothers how to transform their lifestyle through money management, and navigating her own challenges and money mountains as a single mother, Aisha is more than a force to be reckoned with. Her strategic faith-based approach to finance has catapulted numerous clients to increase their savings, reduce debt, develop a better relationship with God, and become more financially secure. She is combining all of that experience to not only help single mothers thrive financially but to also help them to transform their lives and create a legacy for their children.

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