Single Mom Faith and Finance Toolkit
Did you know that God has a purpose and a plan for you?

 Did you know that He will never leave you nor forsake you or your children? 

 Two of the biggest reasons why people don’t walk in purpose is the lack of faith and finances. Sometimes we don’t have the faith to believe God’s promises are true for us. Also, sometimes we don’t walk in purpose because we are distracted with financial stress or worry about not having enough.
I created this toolkit to help you to learn how to trust God with 3 important things: your children, finances, and purpose. Grab this toolkit to help you grow your faith and learn what you need to do to build a solid financial foundation.
This toolkit includes
7 Prayers for your children
Use these prayers to pray effective prayers for your children.
Checklist for building wealth
Learn the critical steps to building wealth an a legacy.
Create your vision roadmap
Don’t allow your purpose and dreams to disappear.  Reawaken your ability to dream
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