First Class Life Devotional
35 Testimonials of Phenomenal Faith During Turbulent Times
Developing Phenomenal Faith
Amazon #1 bestselling book, First Class Life® Devotional: 35 Testimonies of Phenomenal Faith Through Turbulent Times is a must-read devotional that will not only encourage believers but anyone looking to overcome the obstacles of life. 

Each story is uniquely different. From grief and loss to poverty and molestation. From death and destruction to infertility and infidelity. From abuse and illness to forgiveness and so much more. This devotional is a manifestation of how God showed up powerfully for each of the authors and how God will do the same for you!

The first batch of devotionals sold out!  Therefore, order your signed copy today for just $25 (free shipping).  
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What You Will Learn From This Devotional:
Lesson #1: You are not alone
There are 35 testimonials in this book.  Therefore, regardless of what you are going through, you will find someone (or a few) whose story can help you overcome.
Lesson #2: God is with you
Regardless of what things look like, God is with you and you can trust Him.  Learn how to trust God (again or for the first time).
Lesson #3: You can get unstuck
You are meant for more.  You can get unstuck, get to your next level, and thrive - for you and your family.  You can break the shackles and burdens that feel so insurmountable. This devotional will show you how.

About Aisha

Aisha Taylor helps busy, professional moms who desire to start a business get unstuck and create a strategic plan that’ll turn their idea into income.  

As a single mother of twins, this author, speaker, and strategic business consultant manages to balance it all while pursuing her purpose and passion. Featured in Black Enterprise, Jet Magazine, ESSENCE, theGrio, Go Banking Rates, and The Detroit Free Press, Aisha’s practical, transparent and motivational style leaves professional moms worldwide empowered to launch into a life of fulfillment and joy unspeakable.

Combined with her formal training from Duke University and The University of Michigan, corporate finance background, restructuring, strategic planning, managing a $1B corporate budget, coaching, and consulting, Aisha is more than a force to be reckoned with. Her strategic, faith-based approach to finance and entrepreneurship has catapulted numerous clients into financial security and full-time entrepreneurship.

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