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There is a lot of economic uncertainty right now. Between record high gas prices and inflation, the current economic conditions are bringing many people to a financial breaking point. People want to get ahead financially, but how? A barrier to this right now is inflation because it is increasing the cost of nearly everything.

With the cost of everything going up, it can be more difficult to build your savings account, work on your financial goals, or even keep up with your day to day expenses. I’ve talked to a number of moms and the financial stress related to high inflation rate and gas prices is not only causing them to cut back and reassess their spending, it’s also impacting their mental health as well. 

I’ve seen the impact of inflation in my own life. This has caused me to evaluate things that I do in my own life to assess what is necessary and what can be cut out of my budget. As a mom, it can also be difficult to have conversations with my children about the things that need to change because of how the costs of everything have skyrocketed.

Although the economic uncertainty prompted me to offer this Bootcamp for the first time in 2-years.  

Although the current economic conditions prompted me to host this Workshop, I also recognize that if we want to move forward as single moms to walk in abundance and to do the work that God has called us to do, we must be able to have healthy finances because of the link that our financial health has on our mental health, physical health, family, and the work that God has called us to do. Therefore, I created the “Financially Fierce: 7 Keys Equipping Single Moms to Thrive in Life & Career” to not only address the technical component of budgeting but the emotional/behavioral aspect as well.

If you're reading this, you probably know what it's like to be pulled in a million directions with constant demands from your kids, your job, your bank account, credit card statement, and so much more. Then, with the added pressure of inflation and high gas prices that are eating away at your finances. Sometimes you feel like it’s just not enough.

I know you are busy, and there are days when the thought of adding one more thing seems like the breaking point. 

However, having more time, saving, paying off debt, and working towards financial security is one of your deep desires, but how? With everything you’re balancing, you worry something’s going to fall through the cracks. That fear keeps you up at night. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

What would it be like if you finally had a map for your finances instead of starting and stopping or spending time spinning around in circles trying to figure out what works for you only to stress yourself out more?  

What would it be like if you understood how your emotions played a part in your money management and you could anticipate and develop a plan to stop your emotions from derailing your financial progress?

What would it be like if you finally got off the hamster wheel of financial progress and instead created lasting financial change?

What would it be like if you could replace the financial stress with peace of mind?

Single motherhood doesn’t mean that you have to be in a place of not having enough.
Allow me to introduce myself…
What if I told you that in 2015, I was pregnant with twins when my life exploded?

I had just quit my job to become a full-time entrepreneur when I got pregnant, and then shortly thereafter realized that I was going to be a single mom.

I couldn’t believe it.  

I went to the best schools, had multiple degrees and had a great career in Corporate Finance that I had just left to become a full-time entrepreneur. 

Additionally, I was already a nationally recognized financial educator who taught women how to be financially phenomenal. However, when I suddenly became a single mom I realized that although I taught personal finances workshops nationally, consulted with clients individually in their personal and business finances, had major media features, and the testimonials to prove that my life changing teaching and consulting worked, I began to struggle in my own finances because my income for 1 person as a full-time entrepreneur suddenly had to cover 3 people.  
How did this happen to me? I often asked myself. I felt so much shame that I was struggling financially despite the fact that I:  
  • Have an undergraduate Economics degree
  • Have an MBA in Finance
  • Passed the Certified Financial Planning exam
  • Teach personal finances
  • Managed a $1 billion budget for a department within a Fortune 100 company
I felt stuck. I felt frozen, and I didn't know what to do next.
Although I understood the financial principles, I underestimated how much the behavioral and emotional component of financial management would impact me.  

Therefore, I went back to the financial basics and learned what worked for me and what didn't. I modified my financial practices to better fit my new normal. Plus, I focused on the emotional component of my spending. When I did, everything changed.
Because of the lessons I’ve learned, this is why I empower single moms to strategize and financially prepare for their next level so they can reclaim their time and live in true freedom.

I want these moms to understand that their finances and purpose are inextricably linked. Therefore, to practice good financial management is also to step forward into who God has called you to be and into what God has called you to do, because financial and emotional stress can cause that to be derailed or delayed.

It is possible for you to find peace; have less stress; develop a new, and have a healthier view of managing your money as a single mom.

As Seen In
AISHA’S very approachable, knowledgeable and friendly
I met Aisha at a conference in March and purchased her book on budgeting. Aisha is very approachable, knowledgeable and friendly. I felt like she could relate to my struggles with managing finances as she had her own experiences with this. In April, I took her budget boot camp with was helpful especially for first timers such as myself learning how to navigate through balancing your income and expenses. I recommend this course for newcomers and even for people who may need a refresher. Aisha was very helpful and thorough with explaining the information. I learned a lot.
- Dr. Kizzy
Aisha broke everything down into easy to follow and understandable steps
"This workshop was perfect for me, it broke everything down into easy to follow and understandable steps. Being able to ask my questions and get the correct answers on the spot is priceless! Thank you for helping me to really see what deep down inside I already knew, that God is my source, so I must stop being afraid..." 
- Bobbie
Aisha gave me a full picture of how much unnecessary spending I do
"Thank you Aisha! The budgeting workshop was great! I was nervous about completing it with others but I was surprisingly comfortable and able to share my thoughts, questions and concerns with great ease! The worksheets gave me a full picture of how much unnecessary spending I do and how to change some habits while still having a life! (Lol- while on quarantine!) We completed a lot of steps to develop plans during the course and I immediately began executing additional steps! Thank you for your time, knowledge and patience!" 
- Candace
“Financially Fierce: 7 Keys Equipping Single Moms to Thrive in Life & Career” is for you if…
  • If you are know you are called for more, but the current state of your finances is blocking you from doing the work you know God has called you to do
  • Tired of the stress and shame around not having enough in your finances
  • Want a map for your finances instead of starting and stopping or spending time spinning around in circles trying to figure out what works for you financially only to stress yourself out more.
  • You want more time to spend with your children or to get a good night’s sleep because you aren’t awake stressing about money.
  • You want to overhaul your finances with someone who understands you, your single mom challenges, your single mom dreams, and was willing to walk alongside you
  • If you have a budget but you either don’t follow it, are struggling to follow it, or no longer works for you
If you take control of your financial future, it is possible to walk in abundance as a single mom. It starts with having a healthy mindset and a budget.

By the end of the Workshop you will:

  • Complete your annual budget
  • ​Complete your monthly budget
  • ​The best way to structure your bills to maximize cash flow
  • ​Create your financial goals
  • ​Determine your money mindset and how to manage your money accordingly 
  • ​Have more peace of mind surrounding your finances
  • ​​Have a plan to overcome the people, places, and things that could derail your finances
In the Budget Bootcamp, you will learn strategies to have more financial peace, get a budget blueprint that works for you, ditch the debt, and improve your money management skills.
During Financially Fierce, you will learn:


Does it seem like each year you never have enough?  I will be teaching my 4-step process to successful budgeting.  I’ve taught these sessions at University of Michigan, Duke University, Google, to name a few.


Create your monthly budget, annual budget, and financial strategy and structure your finances for a way that maximizes success and cash flow management.


During this session we will discuss the common things that derail your ability to follow a budget.  Additionally, we will teach mindset strategies that help you to identify and overcome mom competition  and single mom guilt which impact your finances.


Are you wondering why you aren’t making progress on your financial goals and your debt is still piling up and your credit still hasn’t increased? We will be making a plan to prioritize your financial goals instead of trying to accomplish them with your leftovers.


Create your bill payment strategy to free up more cash flow, make payments, on time, eliminate late fees, and grow your credit.


Build a community around financial management by participating in this Bootcamp with other like-minded single moms.
Event Details

  • Financially Fierce is an online course.
  • ​It will be a combination of instruction and implementation. 
  • ​Instead of doing the homework, you can focus on implementing the lessons that you learn.
  • ​This format will help you make sure you understand the lessons so your financial goals are not blocked by the things you don't know yet.
Aisha’s mission is to help others...She is a great resource if you are struggling... Thank you Aisha Taylor for all the work that you are doing to empower others.” 
"FNPhenomenal was a saving grace. Aisha made me feel comfortable and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward and monitor my finances carefully." 
- Crystal
"In just 20 minutes, Aisha was able to provide great clarity around how I could better manage my finances in order to work towards the financial foundation I have been dreaming of. From paying off debt, to building my financial foundation, to strategizing about my financial future. Aisha was able to expertly help me navigate a sure path to financial success. I would recommend Aisha’s services to individuals of all financial backgrounds as an asset for helping to create a results-oriented strategy towards pursuing financial goals." 
- Daphne
Your finances impact your mental and physical health. Therefore, choose you. Choose your children. Choose the destiny work that God has called you to. Make this choice by taking control of your financial future. 

Enroll in the “Financially Fierce: 7 Keys Equipping Single Moms to Thrive in Life & Career” today! Your future self is depending on you.
About Your Presenter
Aisha Taylor helps single moms grow their faith, walk in purpose, and own their finances so they can reclaim their time and live in true freedom.

As a single mother of twins, this author, speaker, and strategic business consultant manages to balance it all while pursuing her purpose and passion. Featured in Black Enterprise, Jet Magazine, ESSENCE, Go Banking Rates, and The Detroit Free Press, Aisha’s practical, transparent and motivational style leaves single moms worldwide empowered to launch into a life of fulfillment and joy unspeakable.

Combined with her formal training from Duke University and The University of Michigan, corporate finance background, restructuring, strategic planning, managing a $1B corporate budget, coaching, and consulting, Aisha is more than a force to be reckoned with. Her strategic, faith-based approach to finance and entrepreneurship has catapulted numerous clients into financial security and full-time entrepreneurship.

For more information, booking, or to schedule a call to chat with Aisha, visit www.FNPhenomenal.com or email hello@fnphenomenal.com.
I want you to get unstuck and be the woman and mom you were created to be.
Therefore, I’m hosting “Unstuck: 3 Strategies for Single Moms to Redefine Themselves” webinar on Thursday, December 3, 2020 at pm 7pm ET to share 3 of the shifts that I learned which will help you to thrive holistically in all areas of your life. I highly encourage you to attend live, because I will be:
  • Teaching Live
  • Answering questions during the Q&A section
  • Raffling off a special gift at the end of the webinar
  • ​As a bonus you will receive access to the replay for 48-hours
This webinar can help to put you on the right track of healing and thriving as the woman and mom you were created to be. 
There is no time to waste. Every day that you continue on this path is another day where you suffer in silence and continue to live in pain.

I guarantee you that this webinar will finally give you a true understanding of what is causing this pain, and what you need to do instead to thrive holistically as the woman and mom you were created to be. 

Therefore, reserve your seat in “Unstuck: 3 Strategies for Single Moms to Redefine Themselves” webinar so you can start your journey of thriving holistically as the woman and mom you were created to be.

You may be thinking that you can do this on your own. I understand. I thought that because of my background and resume that I could do it alone, but I couldn’t. It’ll take a long time and you will make a lot of mistakes. In this webinar, you will get the benefit of all the learning from what worked and mistakes that I made to help to shorten the time between your pain and your breakthrough.  

Your life and your relationship with your children depends on you thriving. If you don’t then overtime you will destroy your physical and emotional health (putting herself on the path of early death or health complications), ruin your relationship with her children, destroy your financial well-being, and look for approval in the wrong places.

However, this doesn’t have to be your reality. You could experience:
  • Deep joy knowing that you are enough, you are worthy, and you matter
  • Breathe again because the crushing burden on you has been lifted
  • Your relationship with your children will thrive
  • ​​Feel restored and healed physically and emotionally
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the webinar?
The webinar is Thursday, December 3rd at 7pm ET. There will be a limited time replay available with your investment.
What is the time investment?
This webinar is approximately 1 hour.
What equipment or software do I need to attend?
The webinar will be conducted via zoom. Please download the zoom app so you are ready to go. I encourage you to log on 5 minutes before so you don’t miss any of this life changing information.
Do you offer refunds?
There are no refunds. My goal is to have this be a transformational experience for you, and I’m confident that will be the case.
Do you guarantee results?
I guarantee you that this webinar will finally give you a true understanding of what is causing this pain, and what you need to do instead to thrive holistically as the woman and mom you were created to be. Implementing these lessons will be up to you, and your success will be based on your effort and implementation.
How can I connect with you if I have more questions?
Please email hello@fnphenomenal.com if you have any questions.
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