How corporate moms can create their exit strategy from corporate
Without sacrificing their financial well-Being
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
12/03/2020 @ 07:00 PM (ET)
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Transition like a boss 
How CORPORATE moms can create their exit strategy from coporate
without sacrificing their financial well-being
12/07/2021 @11:59 PM (ET)
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
*Replay is available for 7-days after purchase and you are able to email me questions during that time.
Have you ever thought:
“I can't take my job anymore! I have to get out of here!” 

“I feel like I will lose my mind, if I have to go back into the office one more day.”

Hi, I'm Aisha.
The mindset of an entrepreneur
Preparing for entrepreneurship: What things you need to do before you transition into full-time entrepreneurship.
The 5 pillars of a successful exit strategy. 
Everything has to work together. If you miss even 1 of these 5 pillars, your entire corporate exit strategy can fall a part. 
Create a Solid financial foundation
What you need to know about your personal finances, business finances, and your business strategy to ensure your life and business is financially sustainable.
The foundations of turning your idea into income
What you need to understand about creating your business strategy, launching your business strategy, and ensuring that your business strategy is financially sustainable.
Do you want something different, but don’t know how to get there?  You just know something needs to change.

You feel like your heart is breaking when you drop your children off at daycare or at school knowing that they will be there all day. Then when you get home, it’s homework time (if they are in school), then dinner time, and bedtime. Then, you do it all over again the next day and the next…

You desire to have meaningful connections and conversations with your children, but when? Between before care, the regular school day, after care, and any activities, you barely get to see your children and when you do things feel rushed because of everything that has to happen during the day.

You worry that you are missing your children growing up and that the teacher, babysitter, or childcare worker is raising your kids. Those people were the ones who were seeing your children’s major milestones - first steps, first tooth coming out, first words, etc. 

Sometimes you feel guilty for the time that you spend at work, but it’s how you finance your lifestyle and you’ve worked hard for your career, but something is missing. You feel like you are going through the motions and you’re questioning whether or not you matter to your job or you wonder if the work you do makes a difference.  You wonder if it is even worth it.  You feel like you are being called to more. More purpose, more joy, more family time, more impact.

You wish you could quit your job, work from home doing meaningful work that you love that gives you the freedom and flexibility to spend time with your children and choose how you spend your days and make at least what you were making in your corporate career.

Can you relate? 

Guess what, there is a way out.

Can I tell you a secret?

You already have the key to your freedom.

How many of you know that you have an idea that God has placed in your heart, but you have no idea how to make it work? That idea is there for a reason. The idea is there not only for the Lord, to do great works through you and also to make a positive change in this world. It's also there for your exit strategy. That little whisper, that little nudge that God is giving you is Him saying, “I have another plan for you.” Take advantage of this plan. Take the idea that the Lord placed in your heart. And from there, you can create your exit strategy. 

How do I know? I was where you are…
Hi, my name is Aisha Taylor and I am a single mom of twins, and I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur since 2015. Because I am a full-time, work from home entrepreneur, I’ve been able to be there for all of my children’s milestones and design a life that allows me to walk in purpose, have freedom, and spend time with my children.  

However, the circumstances of me going from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur were difficult. I endured two and a half years of workplace bullying that destroyed my self-confidence and self-worth. I had panic attacks at 7pm, on Sunday at the thought of having to go to work on Monday. Nearly every day, I had anxiety attacks in the car on the way to work and I had to quickly wipe away my tears so I could navigate rush hour traffic safely. Ultimately, the stress from my job began to impact my health and my doctor told me that I needed to go on FMLA or quit to protect my health. Starting a business allowed me to do something that mattered and made an impact. It also gave me a mental escape from the workplace bullying and prove to myself that I was qualified.   

After working my idea on the side in my spare time, I realized that the way for me to exit out of a toxic workplace was through the idea that God put on my heart. I had to learn how to turn that idea into income, how to make the idea work within my lifestyle, and my work schedule. I had to figure out how to birth this business within the existing parameters of my life. Ultimately, that idea became the vehicle for me to be able to walk away from my six figure corporate job. I say this not to pat myself on the back, but to show you what is possible. 

 One thing that I've learned in that process to transition out of corporate was there is a right way and a wrong way to quit your job.
Some of you are thinking that when I quit I am not going back there ever, ever, ever again. Some of you may even have this grand vision for how you will quit your job.  Quitting your job is one thing but quitting your job in a fiscally responsible way that also allows you to maintain relationships is a totally different thing.
Without a proper exit strategy, you risk:

Constant stress leads to inflammation and inflammation leads to health complications and even death. I don’t mean to scare you, but carrying this stress can send you to an early grave, and who will care for your children?
Overtime, harsh parenting destroys the relationship between the parent and children. Therefore, not only is your health on the line if you end up stressed out, your relationship with your children can be impacted.
You don't want to trade the stress of the job for the stress of not making money or stress of not seeing your kids because you're so stressed out trying to make money as a full time entrepreneur.
End up back in corporate
There are so many entrepreneurs who quit and end up back at work because they didn't transition properly.
As Seen In
You don’t have to stay stuck in a job that doesn’t serve you, fulfill you, or allow you to spend the time you desire with your children.
Just imagine what life would be like if you could:

  • Hand in your resignation letter to your boss
  • ​Have more freedom, flexibility, and time to do more of what you love with who you love
  • ​Spend more time with your children
  • ​Build a business that allows you to walk in purpose and make an impact in your community
  • ​​Give more to the people and organizations that you love
  • ​Earn at least what you earned at your corporate job 
AISHA can bring your dream and goals to life
“Aisha Taylor is relentless and a force with coaching you to bring your dream and goals to life. She is a beautiful mix of tenacity, knowledge and undying follow through. Once I gave her my vision, she would not allow me to quit. Tears, doubt, mental and physical pain attempted to stop me from birthing my mission and EVERY, SINGLE, TIME, Aisha picked up the baton and nudged me back on the path reminding me of the reason for completion. I am in tears. There is no turning back. If it were easy everyone would do it. She literally told me that while I was "in my feelings", mothers were waiting for me....what was I going to do about it. HIRE. THIS. WOMAN. She continuously saw what I did not even see in myself at times. Let her do the same for you.” 
- Erica
"FNPhenomenal was a saving grace. Aisha made me feel comfortable and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward and monitor my finances carefully." 
- Crystal
"In just 20 minutes, Aisha was able to provide great clarity around how I could better manage my finances in order to work towards the financial foundation I have been dreaming of. From paying off debt, to building my financial foundation, to strategizing about my financial future. Aisha was able to expertly help me navigate a sure path to financial success. I would recommend Aisha’s services to individuals of all financial backgrounds as an asset for helping to create a results-oriented strategy towards pursuing financial goals." 
- Daphne
Introducing Transition Like a Boss: How Corporate Moms Can Create Their Exit Strategy From Corporate Without Sacrificing Their Financial Well-Being

I created the workshop, “Transition Like a Boss: How Corporate Moms Can Create Their Exit Strategy From Corporate Without Sacrificing Your Financial Well-Being” because I wish I had someone who could have mentored me through the transition process. I did a lot of things correctly, but I also made a lot of mistakes in the process that hurt my finances. I also did not have a chance to work my entire exit strategy. I had to leave sooner than I planned, because of the impact that my job was having on my health. 

Therefore, I learned from firsthand experience that if you miss, even one of the 5 pillars that I'm going to be teaching in this workshop, you can end up putting yourself on a pathway to financial destruction and stress. I had a profitable business when I quit my job, however there were certain things that I missed in my transition plan. Therefore, I ended up blowing through my savings account, my investment account, and ultimately sold my home. Things were difficult for me, because I did not have the information that you will learn in the Workshop. 

I don’t want you to go through what I went through. We are moms and we have a responsibility to our children to be able to exit our jobs in the right way, if that's what we plan to do. We have a responsibility to steward the ideas that God has placed in our hearts. We're going to be molding everything together to make sure that you're stewarding the ideas that God has put inside of your heart and you're stewarding the responsibilities to yourself and to your home, properly.

I'm here to help you do today with “Transition Like a Boss: How Corporate Moms Can Create Their Exit Strategy From Corporate Without Sacrificing Your Financial Well-Being.”  

Who Is This Workshop For?
  • If you’re someone who wants to take that entrepreneurial leap, but you're afraid of what it might look like for your finances
  • ​If you're someone who is considering becoming a full-time entrepreneur, but not quite sure if full time entrepreneurship is for you
  • ​If you're just dipping your toe in the water, and you think you might want to be a parallelprenuer or going all the way into full time entrepreneurship
  • ​If you are just at the beginning stage of your business, and you just have an idea, but you don't know quite what to do with it
  • ​​If you are running a profitable business, and you're considering jumping into full time entrepreneurship
  • ​If you’re someone looking around over the last couple of years and have seen the economic and job instability and desire more freedom, flexibility, and purpose
About Your Host
Aisha Taylor helps busy, professional moms who desire to start a business get unstuck and create a strategic plan that’ll turn their idea into income.  

As a mother of twins, this author, speaker, and strategic business consultant manages to balance it all while pursuing her purpose and passion. Featured in Black Enterprise, Jet Magazine, ESSENCE, and The Detroit Free Press, Aisha’s practical, transparent and motivational style leaves professional moms worldwide empowered to launch into a life of fulfillment and joy unspeakable.

Combined with her formal training from Duke University and The University of Michigan, corporate finance background, restructuring, strategic planning, managing a $1B corporate budget, coaching, and consulting, Aisha is more than a force to be reckoned with. Her strategic, faith-based approach to finance and entrepreneurship has catapulted numerous clients into financial security and full-time entrepreneurship.

For more information or booking, visit www.FNPhenomenal.com or email the FNPhenomenal team at hello@fnphenomenal.com.
I want you to get unstuck and be the woman and mom you were created to be.
Therefore, I’m hosting “Unstuck: 3 Strategies for Single Moms to Redefine Themselves” webinar on Thursday, December 3, 2020 at pm 7pm ET to share 3 of the shifts that I learned which will help you to thrive holistically in all areas of your life. I highly encourage you to attend live, because I will be:
  • Teaching Live
  • Answering questions during the Q&A section
  • Raffling off a special gift at the end of the webinar
  • ​As a bonus you will receive access to the replay for 48-hours
This webinar can help to put you on the right track of healing and thriving as the woman and mom you were created to be. 
There is no time to waste. Every day that you continue on this path is another day where you suffer in silence and continue to live in pain.

I guarantee you that this webinar will finally give you a true understanding of what is causing this pain, and what you need to do instead to thrive holistically as the woman and mom you were created to be. 

Therefore, reserve your seat in “Unstuck: 3 Strategies for Single Moms to Redefine Themselves” webinar so you can start your journey of thriving holistically as the woman and mom you were created to be.

You may be thinking that you can do this on your own. I understand. I thought that because of my background and resume that I could do it alone, but I couldn’t. It’ll take a long time and you will make a lot of mistakes. In this webinar, you will get the benefit of all the learning from what worked and mistakes that I made to help to shorten the time between your pain and your breakthrough.  

Your life and your relationship with your children depends on you thriving. If you don’t then overtime you will destroy your physical and emotional health (putting herself on the path of early death or health complications), ruin your relationship with her children, destroy your financial well-being, and look for approval in the wrong places.

However, this doesn’t have to be your reality. You could experience:
  • Deep joy knowing that you are enough, you are worthy, and you matter
  • Breathe again because the crushing burden on you has been lifted
  • Your relationship with your children will thrive
  • ​​Feel restored and healed physically and emotionally
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the webinar?
The webinar is Thursday, December 3rd at 7pm ET. There will be a limited time replay available with your investment.
What is the time investment?
This webinar is approximately 1 hour.
What equipment or software do I need to attend?
The webinar will be conducted via zoom. Please download the zoom app so you are ready to go. I encourage you to log on 5 minutes before so you don’t miss any of this life changing information.
Do you offer refunds?
There are no refunds. My goal is to have this be a transformational experience for you, and I’m confident that will be the case.
Do you guarantee results?
I guarantee you that this webinar will finally give you a true understanding of what is causing this pain, and what you need to do instead to thrive holistically as the woman and mom you were created to be. Implementing these lessons will be up to you, and your success will be based on your effort and implementation.
How can I connect with you if I have more questions?
Please email hello@fnphenomenal.com if you have any questions.
    Transition out of corporate with grace, ease, and financial stability!
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